Understanding The Many Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Instead of fighting against or trying to mask the symptoms of the many health issues you face every day, why not work with your body’s natural ability to heal? The human body has an amazing, natural healing power that can relieve the symptoms of a vast number of medical conditions. However, in order to activate that healing ability, your body’s immune system must be supported properly. To encourage healing, innovative doctors are now turning to the decades-old practice of cryotherapy. The benefits of cryotherapy have been proven time and again by both researchers and scientists, as well as the patients who have experienced remarkable results after treatment.

The Basics of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is essentially the exposure of the body to very low temperatures. The process is actually very simple. Upon stepping into a specially designed chamber, patients are sprayed with a dry Nitrogen mist that chills the skin. Their skin temperatures are only lowered for a few minutes yet the results can be dramatic. This drastic drop in skin temperature can activate the body’s immune response, helping to relieve inflammation and pain. Obviously, one of the greatest benefits of cryotherapy is how quick and painless the entire treatment procedure is for patients.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

One of the most astonishing aspects of cryotherapy is how many different types of medical conditions it can be beneficial in treating. From treating serious debilitating diseases such as arthritis and Fibromyalgia to the enhancement of sports performance, cryotherapy has been a valuable tool in treating a variety of conditions. This is due to the dramatic stimulation of a body’s immune response, which leads to an increase in:

  • Circulation
  • Metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Tissue repair
  • Immune function

At Integrative Health, we offer cryotherapy treatments that provide the above benefits and more. Call 480-657-0003 today to speak with a licensed naturopath about how cryotherapy can help you live a more balanced life.

Where to Find Cryotherapy Treatment

While a popular treatment option in Japan and Europe, doctors in America are just beginning to realize the value of cryotherapy. For patients that want to work with their body in a safe and natural way for healing and relief, cryotherapy treatments are currently only offered at select alternative medicine and naturopathic clinics. Integrative Health in Scottsdale offers cryotherapy treatments that can help to stimulate your immune system for a natural approach to healing. Schedule an appointment today by calling 480-657-0003.