The current global pandemic surrounding the novel coronavirus has encouraged a lot of thought about how we handle disease spread, the way cities function, and has generally changed almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

In that same vein, it has also necessitated a lot of thought into the disease itself, and how it has spread so quickly throughout the world.

One of these thoughts I’ve heard is surrounding whether 5G had a role to play in causing COVID-19 (Read more: COVID-19 symptoms and food update).

As always, I am here to help you make sense of these complex topics. Together, let’s dive into the data around the relationship between 5G and COVID-19 (and if there even is one at all).

My Early Thinking On 5G & COVID-19

At the very beginning of the pandemic, I was hopeful that the gravity of the situation and the need for scientific discourse would cause a lot of misinformed ideas to go by the wayside (Read more: The latest information on COVID-19 Coronavirus).

I felt like this was a flashpoint in history, a moment where we all have the opportunity to put down our preconceived notions and really get behind the science of the times.

Once we knew more, we could then take all the right precautions to help ourselves, and those around us who are vulnerable, to help combat COVID-19 in the best way possible.

But, the evidence to this point has trended in the opposite direction.

That’s completely understandable, too. It is thought that in times of stress and emotional strife, people often don’t abandon their originally-held views for others, but become more committed to what they believed in the first place.

Now, what we are seeing are people trying to come up with answers not necessarily based on science, but on how they would prefer to perceive the world.

These conspiratorial ideas, like COVID being planned, that it was intentional, or that 5G (wireless technology) has a role to play in propagating the virus.

The Argument Built Around 5G

One of the first arguments used to identify 5G as a culprit was that, in Wuhan and Italy, the areas that were the hardest hit were also areas that were early-5G adopters.

So, it was put out that there was a cause-and-effect correlation between those two things.

The tough thing here is that another country, South Korea, was also a very early adopter of 5G technologies, and they did quite well against COVID-19.

Apart from this argument, though, there have been three other things I have seen to establish some sort of connection between 5G and COVID-19, which include 5G:

  1. Technology absorbs oxygen
  2. Used to transmit the virus passively
  3. Suppresses the immune system

The first two ideas are not ones that I will go far into depth. Even elementary scientific observations have proven that 5G cannot absorb oxygen or break it down.

At the same time, wireless technologies (and electromagnetic fields, EMF’s more generally) are incapable of carrying anything physical (living or nonliving).

So, if we can let go of these two concepts right off the bat, we can dive into the one that likely has the most amount of people rallying around it: 5G and your immune system.

5G and Your Immune System

For those who mount an argument against 5G, they suggest that non-ionizing radiation can still have effects on living things.

This takes us back to a larger conversation around the term radiation. While it might sound a bit scary on its own, there are two types of radiation we need to be mindful of:

  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation is that which acts upon our bodies in a way that changes the nature of our DNA and can cause illnesses like cancer. Take, for instance, UV light which can cause harm by effectively changing the very nature of our bodies.

So, while non-ionizing radiation is still radiation, it is a different kind of radiation. It’s the kind that powers a microwave and does not have any negative effect on living things. The most it can do is heat those things through thermal properties (again, like a microwave).

So, for an argument against 5G to be valid, it would need to prove that non-ionizing radiation has a non-thermal effect on living things — does it?

A popular argument surrounds what is known as carbonyl free radicals.

While it is often regarded as something we don’t know enough about, we do know quite a bit about the basics surrounding carbonyl free radicals.

We do know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can cause carbonyl free radicals. However, they are known to be caused by UV light.

To the heart of our conversation today, UV light falls on the other end of the spectrum in the camp of “ionizing radiation” in what is called a Norrish reaction.

Bottom Line: Carbonyl free radicals do have the opportunity to form when UV light is interacting with living things, but that does not occur from the non-ionizing radiation in 5G.

General Concerns About 5G

One of the general concerns around 5G, wifi, or even EMFs is that these are all things that fall directly into the “non-ionizing category.”

The problem with a lot of popular literature around this subject is that, even when this distinction is made, the connection between carbonyl free radicals is made and then never defined.

It neglects to realize that carbonyl free radicals have that direct relationship with ionizing UV light, and not non-ionizing EMFs.

Are Studies Surrounding 5G Valid?

The positive part of this discussion is that, for the most part, people who are making claims about 5G need to make their argument on the basis of fact.

So, they need studies. They need a collection of hard evidence that proves their point to help them put forth an argument that makes sense.

What that gives us is a great resource to pull from these studies, to make sense of them, and to see if the data provided lines up with the suggested guidance or point being made.

Key Insight: The heart of today’s issue is that, while studies may exist, no two studies are necessarily the same. In fact, many studies — or the conclusions they draw, could be invalid right from the very beginning.

Big decisions and suggestions for your health shouldn’t be made on one, two, or three studies, but on what we call a “preponderance of evidence” (basically, an overview).

Think about it like this: Before we make any purchase online, we often look at the reviews. If there are a large number of positive reviews, and a small amount of negative reviews, we often feel like that is enough to validate the purchase.

This, in a nutshell, is a preponderance of evidence. We can understand this very intuitively because many of us act on this every single day when we purchase things.

Ultimately, we also know that not all sources are equal, and we need to question the source of feedback and the source of authority. The same is true in the scientific community.

Studies Surrounding 5G and COVID-19

Given what we know to this point, how can it be that there are even studies that suggest that 5G could be harmful if it is clearly not?

This is pretty bizarre stuff. There have been a lot of studies looking at the effects of 5G on living things, as well as non-living things.

Basically, this amounts to some chemicals or some cells in a test tube. You expose them to 5G, and then you record if there has been a response (whether good or bad, did something happen?)

The fascinating part of all this is the number of “sham studies” that have taken place. What does that mean? This basically means that there was an error in human judgment, based on what could be a whole host of factors, leading to flawed findings.

Key Insight: In fact, 68% of the time scientists can be misled by sham information about 5G.1 This is wrong information based on their expectation of what should happen when non-living things are exposed to 5G.

On the other hand, when it comes to living things the sham response is a little bit better — 50% as opposed to 68%.

If a researcher does not know that what they are seeing is sham data, they can be wrong half of the time. The graphic below is a pretty good illustration of how that looks:

The Results of 5G Studies

Most studies that analyze the effects of EMFs on living things or non-living things do not have a sham component — they are simply summarizing what scientists have observed.

This is something of a placebo effect. If we know that a placebo works 30% of the time, and a new drug works 30% of the time, we would say that the drug didn’t work (because that 30% efficacy was no different than the 30% of the placebo).

Since so many studies do not have a sham element, we are unable to take that data as seriously or use it to create overarching guidelines.

Bottom Line: Not only do you have to prove that something happened once, but that it happened consistently — which sham data is unlikely to do.

What Is The Full Story On 5G?

We have talked a lot about 5G up until this point, but now that we know that it is not dangerous — or that the data to this point does not support those claims by their very nature — we could do better to understand a bit more about what 5G is all about.

This is an example of what we call “microwave radiation.” While it might sound like a loaded term, it really means that we are talking about certain kinds of wavelengths and how long they are (typically in terms of millimeters or centimeters).

These are waves that do carry fields and do have thermal effects, and can also be used to transmit messages (which is why it would be used for cellular communication).

Basically, 5G is considered a longer wavelength than what we have known before, 4G or 3G, for example.

Key Insight: In fact, in the “spectrum of radiation,” 5G is further away from anything dangerous than either of these previous iterations.

In fact, 5G is so “weak” in that it cannot go through things — it has to go around them. That is why companies need to build new towers, to help facilitate that movement.

Even though the waves are weaker, 5G is more progressive because of the amount of data that can be carried in them.

Can 5G Have Any Effect At All?

As we discussed before with non-ionizing radiation, 5G can have thermal/warming effects.

But, that is really limited to being right up against a source of 5G. This means you would have to be literal inches from a tower to be able to feel some warmth on your skin.

Key Insight: That said, 5G wavelengths are not able to penetrate even the most superficial layer of screen. They simply do not have the capacity.

How Could You Avoid 5G?

Given all that we know, you should know that 5G is not going to have any adverse effect on your body by its very nature. It is also not able to transmit COVID-19 in any way, shape, or form.

But, let’s suggest that you still want to play things by ear and avoid 5G for the time being — how would you go about doing that successfully?

The first thing you’ll have to do is stop cooking food. Here’s why: campfires, gas stoves, electric burners, they all give off 5G. They all generate microwave radiation.

You’ll also want to avoid people. Humans also give off 5G radiation. We also give off infrared radiation and tiny amounts of visible light.

The other thing you’ll want to do is stay inside. Our atmosphere generates a fair amount of 5G waves as it is heating, as does the sun.

Ultimately, it’s not just cooking, avoiding people, or staying inside, you’ll also need to leave our own universe. That’s because our universe, from its inception, has been given off waves that can still be felt today.

That means that everywhere you look, in every corner of the known universe, is a background signal. It’s a background echo that is still occuring, and exactly fits the wavelengths of what we’d consider 5G.

Key Insight: 5G is everywhere, and because we know that it is harmless, we shouldn’t be concerned about the effects it can have on us — because those effects do not exist!

Summarizing 5G and COVID-19

In sum, when it comes to non-ionizing and non-thermal forms of “microwave radiation,” there is no need to be concerned about their effects on living things.

If you were to be concerned, it would have to ignore the sham studies and the lack of varied evidence that goes on to prove just about any point.

We are around 5G all of the time, and we simply can’t get away from it, but that’s okay because they do not have any biological effects.

There is no way that 5G could suppress your immune system, take away your oxygen, or carry a virus like COVID-19 around the globe.

I hope I have been able to give you some piece of mind, while we unpacked the studies and the truth behind 5G and why it shouldn’t concern you at all.

Take Action Steps For Your Health Today

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