Monday morning note: should you stock up on azithromycin or hydroxychloroquine?

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Most watches or phones have the option of an hourly chime. Use yours and whenever you hear it, take a movement break.

We have a decade worth of data showing that prolonged immobility is harmful. Our blood pools and creates chemicals that trigger clotting and inflammation.

These same chemicals weaken your immune system. Not OK.

How long is too long? Over 3 hours causes measurable damage, and over 50 minutes is likely when it starts.

Some data suggests that those who train hard are more immune but some data suggests otherwise. Each hour get up and move for at least 5 minutes. There is probably something you can do to tidy the house if you think about it. Find things that are out of place and put them back. Be inefficient about it so that it requires more walking than necessary.

News Ceiling

Please choose how many news sources you will follow, how many times per day you will check the news, and how long you will spend doing so. You cannot ignore the situation, but the more time you spend on it the less effectively you will be able to help anyone.

When you go out

Likely you will need to go out and you will need to interact with others. If you have exam gloves, wear them when you do any shopping and keep them on until you get home. After opening the door to enter your home, dispose of the gloves without touching the outside.

The trick is to reach inside one glove with your thumb and index finger, peel that glove back, use your now non-gloved hand to repeat the process keeping the glove you took off first inside the one you take off last. Once you have done this, use sanitizing wipes to clean the surfaces of your car that you touched and the door that you opened. Then do a double hand wash.

You can safely go outside and walk but do so in areas that will be less busy. Avoid narrow trails in places that will not allow you to have at least 6 feet between yourself and others.

Ryan and I have resumed riding unicycles around our neighborhood. We used to do this daily but fell out of the habit. People are always surprised to see us go by on single wheels. It is fun to see people happily astonished and to see the kids’ faces light up. We are all happy to experience a little novelty right now.

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