Does it feel like there’s a new fast, easy weight loss solution every time you turn around? People and companies telling you that if you follow this diet or that exercise plan, take this supplement, or cut out that food, you’ll finally lose the weight for good? 

Fad diets are everywhere. And thanks to the internet, they are more accessible than ever. It’s easy to get pulled in by their claims. Claims turn out to be false all too often. The rapid weight loss that accompanies these diets is typically unsustainable. It all comes back once you drop the extreme diet or exercise program. 

There’s a better way! It’s time to stop letting internet strangers tell you how to lose weight. Your body is not the same as anybody else’s, so you need a custom weight loss plan for your body and life. Instead of wasting time and money on trends, schedule an appointment with your Integrative Health Naturopathic Doctor. They will help you figure out the right weight loss plan for your unique body to bring you changes that last.

Develop a Naturopathic Diet Plan

The first key to weight loss is to ensure your nutrition is where it needs to be. When your body has the proper nutrients, it can function at its best. One of the issues with fad diets is the possibility of unbalancing your diet. When you cut out an entire food group (as many diets want you to do), you cut out essential nutrients. This can lead to deficiency in some areas, and overconsumption in others, as you replace that food group with another. 

It’s much better to find balance. Look at your diet and focus on areas you can improve. Start by adding vegetables, five servings a day! This change can significantly improve, not just because of the extra vitamins and minerals you’re getting. Vegetables help you feel satisfied longer, leading to less mindless snacking and overeating. Dr. Christianson also talks about the importance of protein in weight loss in this article: Weight Gain and Low Protein Diets

Once you’ve sorted out your diet, it’s time to find the right supplements. Getting all the nutrients you need from food is very difficult, so taking the appropriate multivitamins and supplements is a great way to fill in the gaps. Your naturopathic doctor is your best resource here. They can order necessary tests, recommend safe supplements, and help you find a healthy diet for your life and body.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Next, it’s time to get moving. Your body is made for movement, and healthy, sustainable weight loss includes regular exercise that’s right for your body. When you exercise, you build muscle, burn fat, and improve your metabolism. And just as with food, it’s essential to get a variety. 

Also, like food, the quantity matters. In general, more exercise is needed to maintain weight loss. Lower amounts of exercise can be better during active weight loss. 

There are three categories of exercise, each with its own benefits:

  • Weight training
  • Cardio
  • Flexibility & balance

First, let’s look at weight training. Weight training doesn’t have to be extreme. Instead, it’s all about resistance. You build muscle when your muscles encounter resistance. Muscle gives your body structural support, holding everything where it needs to, supporting your joints, and allowing for a good range of motion. 

Second, we’ll look at cardio. This type of exercise focuses on your heart and cardiovascular system. Some of the benefits you get from losing weight can start when you do cardio. These include lower blood pressure, good blood sugar levels, and a lower risk of heart disease. And since everything in your body uses blood to function, regularly getting your blood pumping through your body with a cardio session is a full-body health boost. 

Last, we’ll look at flexibility and balance, including exercises like yoga or Tai Chi. These exercises benefit your muscle strength and cardiovascular system and improve your range of motion, balance, and stress levels. Plus, they are easy to start at any level, so they are great for beginners. 

If you have any questions about the best exercises for weight loss, your doctor can help. It’s important not to overdo exercise, so check with them before any significant changes in your activity levels.  

Keep Stress in Check

holistic doctor for weight loss

Stress leads to many health issues and some call it “the Silent Killer” because of the severe effects it can have on the entire body. When your mental health suffers, your physical systems also suffer, and this can cause weight gain. In addition, you are more likely to overeat or eat foods that lead to weight gain when you are over-stressed. 

These days, it’s easy to become overly stressed and anxious. Most people are busy with a lot of responsibilities to work, family, and other areas, each one bringing their own set of stressors. The constant chatter in our brains can keep our stress hormones high, which puts us in a state where we will have a difficult time losing weight. Exercise, getting enough sleep, deep personal connections, journaling, and meditation are all ways that you can relieve your stress. Try out a few and see what differences you notice in your mood, sleep, weight, and overall health.

If stress-relieving activities, such as exercise, sleep, and journaling, are not helping with your stress levels, talk to your Integrative Health Naturopathic Doctor. They can help you find ways to manage your stress better, leading to better overall health and weight loss. And for something you can try right now, check out this simple technique from Dr. Christianson that lowers anxiety and stress hormones in minutes.

Benefits of Naturopathic Weight Loss

When you choose a naturopathic approach to weight loss, you are choosing to make lasting changes to your health and well-being. Instead of relying on fad diets with inaccurate information, you’ll be using tried and true methods with the supervision of a doctor who knows you. Naturopathic weight loss is a natural approach that treats the root of your health issues instead of looking only at the symptoms. 

Call today to get on the schedule and start your naturopathic journey to weight loss. Our naturopathic doctors will help you find a personalized combination of strategies to get you on the road to your optimum health.

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