Did you know that foods can actually trigger and worsen the symptoms of Grave’s disease? You might not have heard it before, but it is %100 true.

Today, I want to tell you more about the foods you absolutely must avoid when you have Grave’s disease. We are going to tackle these in three separate categories, so let’s get started:

Foods You Must Avoid

1. Food Allergens

The first category here is going to be anaphylactic food allergies. Peanuts, shellfish, berries, these are some of the biggest triggers for those with anaphylactic food allergies.

If you have already had these types of reactions, you need to avoid them now more than ever. A little bit here and there can quickly turn into none at all, unfortunately, so it is best to avoid this category of foods if you have had a history of being intolerant.

When you are in the Grave’s state, you have way more histamines in your body. This means that any reaction you have is going to be seriously amplified – and this can be super problematic if you have an allergic reaction.

The other thought is that if you never had these kinds of reactions before, you could develop them with Graves’ disease.

2. Caffiene

When you have Grave’s disease, your body is already “making a couple pots of coffee” on its own, so it is best that you avoid putting more into your system. Caffeine can work to actually amplify the symptoms of Grave’s disease, specifically the palpitations, the nervousness, tremors, anxiety and sleep disturbances.  

Basically, your body has an inability to handle the caffeine you are now putting into your body, and it actually hits you harder. So, it’s a good idea to avoid them entirely even if you were tolerant before. This includes: coffee (even decaf), tea (except herbal), chocolate and any “herbal” energy products. These are all stimulants for a body that is being overstimulated, so it is best to avoid them.

If you are off the coffee, you might notice your symptoms going down by one half, or even two thirds – which is pretty substantial. The symptoms are not being caused by the coffee, but the caffeine is impacting your body like never before. 

3. Sugar

The big one here is processed versions of sugar. This does not mean that you want to cut out all carbohydrates, but you want to avoid the refined sugar that you would see a baker using.

Sugar can cause difficulties with blood sugar and can cause your cortisol levels to become erratic. This is especially important for Grave’s disease as it concerns tremors, as well as Grave’s eye disease.

Sugar can also worsen panic attacks, and it may take upwards of 30 – 60 minutes to show up – so it might not be as obvious that your symptoms were directly tied to the sugar that you ate earlier.

Reactive foods, caffeinated products and sugars – all things to watch out for, and all important when we are talking about the foods you absolutely have to avoid when you have Grave’s disease. Avoid these foods, and start feeling better today.

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