Do you feel like you might be right on the edge of getting sick? One of my favorite tricks out there involves a pretty unexpected pair: wet socks to bed! If you feel like you might be coming down with something, or simply a bit lethargic, here is how it works and how it can help.

Sleep, Crashing, and Late-Night Flights

Recently, I compromised one of my most important habits – getting a good night’s sleep – and took a late-night flight home to be there in time for my son’s birthday. It was worth it, of course, but I remained concerned the entire flight.

Do you crash when you miss sleep? I definitely do. Sleep is so important to our bodies, for multiple reasons, and I felt like I was just about to catch a cold this time. But, I averted it with one of my all-time favorite tricks.

Wet Socks: How It Works

If you are feeling less than your best, or like you are about to come down with something, you should be trying this age-old trick right before bed. It’s also great if you are already sick and trying to get better in a hurry.

Before you hit the hay, get your materials ready. Here’s what you need:

  • Thin, ankle-height socks
  • Thick, heavy, wool socks

Now, do your usual nighttime ritual and get all ready for bed. Brush your teeth, lock your doors, set your alarm, whatever it is that you normally do.

Next, here’s how it all works:

  • Taking the cotton socks, rinse the lower half in the sink (under lukewarm water). Get the socks wet from mid-foot to the toes.
  • Wring them out thoroughly. I mean, really thoroughly.
  • Put on the wet cotton socks.
  • Put the wool socks on top of the wet socks.
  • Go to bed and expect a nice, deep sleep.

Bottom Line: Rest is so important for our bodies, so facilitating that level of deep sleep is super important whenever we are looking to reset our bodies or improve our health.

The Science Behind It

So, who came up with wearing wet socks? Turns out that this is an old hydrotherapy trick from the European medical spas of the 1800’s. When your skin is wet, your body increases its blood supply to dry it. The wool layer over the top prevents you from being chilled even though you are wet.

Ever seen all the reflexology and acupuncture points on your feet? Think about how great it feels to have them rubbed. That is because they are absolutely covered in nerve endings.

The wet socks trick relies on your feet doing all of the work. The vessels within will constrict as they cool down, which affords your body key nutrients in other parts of the body (the same ones which fight away infections and stimulate overall healing).

Then, as your feet begin to warm up, your vessels dilate. This is your body’s opportunity to be rid of all the nasty stuff plaguing your system. Specifically, the changes between hot and cold help stimulate circulation and have a whole host of benefits.

Improving your circulation leads to all sorts of benefits – better muscular energy, less pain, and less symptoms of fatigue overall. Best of all, by the time you wake up your socks will be dry!

Bottom Line: When you increase the blood supply to your feet, your immunity gets stronger and your body’s detoxification systems work better. It’s the perfect solution for when you are feeling sick, about to be sick, or simply need to recharge and refresh your body.

Have Wet Socks Save Your Day

While wet socks are a great trick for anytime you are feeling run down, they are no substitute for a full and clear understanding of your health. Try the Thyroid Quiz today, and give yourself the peace of mind of getting your health in order (and helping it stay in order).

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