Recently, I received an important question that inspired something of a deep dive. It went like this: “Hi, Dr. C., I’m desperate to lower my thyroid antibodies, lose weight, and feel better. What would be the ultimate list of supplements to help?”

First, I want to thank you for your question. I thought about this topic for a while, and wanted to provide you with a clear answer. As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of options on the market, but this is something we really want to get right.

In fact, that’s why I invested so much time in formulating my Daily Reset Pack in the first place. We’ll talk a bit more about the key nutrients in it, and why it helps, later on in this article, but if you’re interested right now I’d love for you to take a look (Click Here To Learn More).

For now, though, let’s get into the heart of the matter…

The Ultimate Hashimoto’s Bundle

What I want to address today is what I would consider being the best collection of supplements to help with Hashimoto’s disease. What goes into it, how it might work, and why you would want to consider something like it.

Don’t forget, though, that while it might sound like a lot, we need to be conscientious of the fact that supplements can work against one another. They need to exist in harmony, which is going to be an important element of our discussion.

So, if we were to go with things that are safe, compatible, and effective for you, who would make the cut for my “dream team” of supplements? I’m glad you asked.

Here it is: Dr. C’s Ultimate Hashimoto’s supplements guide and the science behind them.

How A Proper Supplement Mixture Can Help

If you go with the correct mixture, there are often a host of benefits you can enjoy.

These might include things such as:

  • Lower antibodies
  • Faster weight loss
  • Insulin resistance
  • Improved energy
  • Healthy thyroid cells
  • Lower risks for thyroid cancer
  • Improved gut health

It’s a pretty great list if we’re being honest. And, it’s much easier than you think to achieve, you just need to know how — and when — to start.

How Would You Use This Supplement Guide?

If you’re interested in a super quick overview of how you would use something like this, I want to provide that for you right out of the gate.

Here’s how the ideal use of the Ultimate Hashimoto’s supplements might look:

  • Breakfast
    • 1 Daily Reset Pack
    • 2 Thyrobalance
    • 1 scoop Resistant Starch
  • Mid-Morning
    • Inflame Reset
  • Dinner
    • 2 Daily Reset Pack

Yes, that’s truly it. But, why these particular items? Let me spend some time diving into each, explaining a bit more about them, and exactly why (and how) they can help.

Your Daily Multivitamins

The fact is, you cannot get all of the nutrients you need from your diet.

But, that isn’t an excuse to eat junk food! You want to eat good food, AND you want to ensure that you’re not missing out on any micronutrients that can help you, especially when you have Hashimoto’s disease.

Here’s what we need to think about here:

  • B Vitamins
  • Fat-soluble Vitamins
  • Macrominerals
  • Trace minerals
  • Essential Fats
  • Vitamin D

These are all critical, foundational things that your body needs. In addition, pretty much all of them have distinct roles to play when it comes to your thyroid health.

If you have thyroid disease, your needs are going to completely differ from someone who might be okay with lesser quantities. For those purposes, a proper, well-thought-out supplement becomes even more essential.

Here are the micronutrients yours need to have (and the ones you want to avoid).

Iodine Free

This is a huge one, because you want to avoid extra iodine (especially in supplements).

That’s because it:

  • Slows down your thyroid
  • Drives thyroid disease
  • Cuts the ability for cells to repair

As convenient as single multivitamins can be, they all have iodine in them!

So you will want to mix and match your supplements to be sure you are getting everything you need.

If you would like to save time, I created the Daily Reset Pack because it has the daily micronutrients you need – while eliminating the ones you don’t. And it’s all in one, simple pack.

Safe With Thyroid Medications

Another big thing is that you want the kind of calcium that is safe to take an hour after taking your thyroid medication.

Calcium is critical for thyroid health. Your bones can thin from abnormal thyroid levels, and there is even a decent amount of overlap between the two conditions.

Key Insight: When taken a couple of times per day, calcium works so much better. However, most forms of calcium are restrictive in that you need to wait eight hours after taking your thyroid medication to have any of it.

And, as you might’ve guessed, you can’t do that twice a day! This is an easy workaround for that, based on calcium typically found in plants.


You’ve probably heard that brazil nuts are a great source of selenium. They are! And those with Hashimoto’s will want a therapeutic amount of selenium along with everything else.

Be sure your supplements contain selenium that is the same kind most often found in brazil nuts. It is called selenocysteine, and the mixture is called selenoexcell.

You can’t find that very easily, but it is a kind of selenium that helps with a whole host of things, including:

  • Iodine absorption
  • Iodine activation
  • Hormone formation
  • Hormone release
  • Iodine uptake by the thyroid
  • TSH production
  • Cell membrane receptor response
  • Thyroid hormone conversion

There is also good evidence that has shown this version of selenium being linked to improved thyroid hormone levels and lower thyroid antibodies. This is regardless of your selenium status.1

One study even revealed that it can take 12 months to see a clear decrease in thyroglobulin antibodies and only three months for a decrease in thyroid peroxidase antibodies.2

The other great thing about it is that it won’t build up in your body. Selenium, in other forms, can build up and can become excessive.

In this case, though, you may excrete the extra, but it won’t accumulate and become harmful for you.

Removing Vitamin B6

While this might seem a bit wild, it’s really not. Let me explain.

Many papers have shown that those with thyroid disease have a difficult time making B6, becoming low in it.3

The double problem with that is that they can lack the ability to convert and activate their thyroid hormone, but it also means that they can get toxic from B6.

Key Insight: I have seen countless times where patients have neurologic symptoms, like anxiety or tremors, and when we checked their blood levels they are vitamin B6 toxic.

That happens simply from normal supplements because their levels are unable to convert what they need and it becomes neurotoxic.

At the same time, they need what they could make it into! So, what we thought about ahead of time, and included pyridoxal-5-phosphate.

This also helps those with thyroid disease respond better to iron. They are less apt to become anemic or have problems with it.


This is a trace mineral that is sometimes considered in the list of those considered essential, but you might not always see it there.

It is essential, though, for thyroid hormone activity. There has been pretty strong data saying that lacking in molybdenum can render the liver unable to convert and utilize thyroid hormones in the periphery.4

There is also data showing that those lower in molybdenum are more apt to have histamine reactions. We can also see this as a problem for those with thyroid disease.


We also add in a special form of zinc, and a good amount of it.

This is done because placebo-controlled studies have shown that zinc, in the right types, can support T3 and T4 conversion, even if blood levels don’t change.5

That is why it is so important that zinc is provided in a form that is easy for the body to activate and convert.

Omega 3 Fats

These are critical. That’s because a lot of data has shown that omega-3 fats can be amongst the biggest drivers protecting the thyroid and cutting the risk of thyroid disease progression.

However, omega-3 fats can also be massive sources of iodine. So, we scour carefully and analyze our products for their iodine content.

That’s also why I can assure you that these omega-3 fats in question are safe because they don’t have excessive amounts of iodine.

There are many versions of omega-3 fats on the market, and many are great, but they don’t pass our standards of what we want for people with thyroid disease.

The Daily Reset Pack’s Full Roster of Nutrients

Those are just some of the ones I wanted to call out for our discussion today because they can make the biggest difference for those with Hashimoto’s.

Again, if you want to learn more, I’d love for you to read this article (Read More: Top 24 Nutrients for Optimal Thyroid Function).

Next up in the Ultimate Hashimoto’s Supplement Guide would be some way to really manage the chronic inflammatory response.

Some of the ingredients that are absolutely critical for that, are ones that break down damaged proteins. Because of that, it is better taken away from meals.

I introduced the Inflame Reset to fulfill that exact purpose. It’s easily taken, with two capsules, once daily, between meals.

Some of the ingredients to help you manage the chronic inflammatory response are:

  • Curcumin
  • Boswellia
  • Rutin
  • Resveratrol
  • Quercetin

Here is why.

One large paper showed that a combination of curcumin and boswellia, can dramatically reduce thyroid nodules.6

Boswellia has been independently shown to help deal with some of the memory deficits that have been shown to occur in cases of hypothyroidism. While it was an animal study, it was a rather dramatic result that bears mentioning here.7

Rutin is a plant bioflavonoid that has been shown to help prevent thyroid peroxidase from getting iodinated. Basically, that is how autoimmunity for the thyroid begins. It also helps your thyroid take in enough iodine, but not too much.8

Key Insight: You can also find resveratrol in this mixture because it has been shown to efficiently reduce the frequency and severity of thyroid cancer-related lesions (reducing progression, overall).9 This is one of the biggest risks of thyroid disease, overall, but resveratrol can help.

The same is true for quercetin and curcumin, which is a couple more reasons why they work well for those with Hashimoto’s.

Resistant Starch

Why is resistant starch beneficial specifically to thyroid function?

Well, one large study showed that ChREBP Thrsp genes make those with thyroid disease more prone to convert food into body fat. Resistant starch has been shown to lower the activity of these genes by 78% to 86%.10

If you ever think to yourself: “I eat well, but my weight doesn’t seem to budge. Those genes can be one of the big reasons why, and enjoying more resistant starch can help turn them down and make them less of a factor for you.

As far as general data goes, there have been many, many studies done on the benefits of resistant starch. We know that it can lead to:

  • Better gut health
  • Reduce adiposity (fat formation)
  • Improvement in insulin sensitivity

Papers have also shown that humans could reduce body fat if the recommended amounts of dietary fiber are consumed. This includes a variety of fermentable fibers.11

Other papers have shown that it can:

  • Improve cardiovascular disease
  • Slow the progression of kidney disease
  • Lower whole-body inflammation
  • Help with oxidative stress
  • Improve satiety as well as accelerate fat metabolism12,13

And the research shows there are no big drawbacks. As something of a generalization, there are these short-chain fats that our flora can make when it’s working quite well.

These are compounds that have protective roles along the gut lining, and they lower inflammation while regulating the immune response.

Key Insight: The most powerful way to make these things is by feeding your flora resistant starch. It can even have a greater effect than probiotics on healing leaky gut inflammation.

Then, there’s regulating blood sugar. For a seven-to-nine-hour window after ingesting resistant starch, your blood sugar is dialed in.

For a twenty-four-hour window, any foods that you consume are absorbed more slowly and more gradually. It is incredibly powerful in this way.

You can easily get Resistant Starch from food. The challenge can be getting sources that are in high enough amounts to make a difference.

There are also supplement sources of RS. Be sure to find one that is assayed for its RS amount so you know each dose is what is labeled. (Potato starch for example, varies so much in Resistant Starch amounts from batch to batch – even within the same brand. And because it’s not assayed for RS amounts in each serving, I no longer recommend it).

Getting consistent amounts of Resistant Starch is so important I created a supplement called RS Complete. It is so easy to take, all you have to do is take one scoop with food.

Try it with breakfast. Most days, I throw it into my Daily Reset Shake, but you can even add it to things like plain water, use it as a soup thickener, or add it to my oatmeal. There’s no wrong way to take it.

Nigella Sativa

The last entrant in my Ultimate Hashimoto’s supplement guide is what is called nigella sativa, or black cumin seed oil.

In fact, this has been used for millennia in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, as a culinary oil and a folk remedy.

We now know, though, that this has dramatic anti-inflammatory effects. It has been studied on inflammation for things like:

  • Pulmonary disease, and
  • Arthritis

But now, we even have a lot of great papers detailing its effects on those with thyroid disease. In one such study, 40 people with Hashimoto’s disease were put in two groups, one placebo and one non-placebo, taking Nigella Sativa for eight weeks.

What they saw was that using Nigella Sativa caused:

  • Reduced body weight
  • Improved body mass index (BMI)
  • Better TSH levels
  • Lower anti thyroperoxidase levels
  • Better T3 metabolism
  • Reduction in serum VEGF (a marker of vascularity, predicting cancer)14

We have also had more studies done showing that Nigella Sativa can cut the risk of fatty liver in those with thyroid disease.15

There are also some good animal models showing that it can cut inflammatory damage to the thyroid, increase the rate of possible cell repair amongst the thyroid follicles, and cut the risk of thyroid progression to other types of thyroid inflammation.16

So, the Thyro Balance is awesome stuff, and for good reason!

I’ve put this all in a supplement called Thyro Balance. All you need are two capsules in the morning with meals. By doing it first thing in the morning, you can finish it quickly, and have that one covered.

Building My Ultimate Supplement Guide

The reason I put together today’s article is to give you a really clear picture of how I would recommend supplementing throughout the day. It’s the ideal combination for those with Hashimoto’s, and the best way to ensure you are supplementing effectively and without worry.

Overall, here’s what we talked about today and why it matters:

In general, when it comes to supplementation, the pills you take need to work for you. That means they need to be helpful for you, and helpful together.

These are all the nutrients I found to be the best documents when it came to making that difference for you. So, I put them together for that exact reason.

In addition, it was critical to get the right ones in the right amounts. That way, any of the common things you may find in other supplements stay out of the way.

How’s The State Of Your Thyroid?

Have you been thinking about the importance of your thyroid? When done right, helping your thyroid can also help you:

  • Heal your thyroid
  • Lower antibodies
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Help your energy levels

And you can do it all safely, starting today. Please, take a moment and try the Thyroid Quiz (Click Here: Take The Quiz Today).

I hope it can help reveal the state of your thyroid, and the next steps you can take to help it right away.


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