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How is your shelter at home process going? By this point, you may be running low on fresh produce. Make use of your frozen fruits and veggies first, but leave the canned items set aside.

If you can safely get fresh produce it is worth keeping some in stock. Some farmer’s markets and restaurants are offering pre-packed boxes of produce for pick up or delivery. Check online to see what is available in your area.

If you missed yesterday’s post, please revisit it (Read: A Critical Update on COVID-19). It was an important update about your best strategy at this point. The basic idea is that you want to hope to not get COVID-19 before herd immunity kicks in. having said that, the odds are that half of those in the US will get it sometime this year. The best contingency plan is to do whatever we can to lower our risk of complications. In yesterday’s post, I talked about the main complications and strategies to lower them.

Many told me that they were surprised that living with obesity was such a large risk factor. In fact, some data suggest it may even be a larger risk factor than age.

We think it is such a strong risk for two main reasons: mechanical and chemical.

The mechanical reasons include the ways in which extra tissue makes it harder for your body to move and circulate in ways it needs to. Especially when the extra tissue is around the organs, it can give the diaphragm less room to move and make the lungs less able to function.

The chemical reasons are mostly related to the extra inflammatory load created by adipose tissue. One of the fatal complications from COVID-19 happens when the immune system goes into overload trying to fight it. This reaction is a vicious cycle driven by chemicals called cytokines and is called a cytokine storm.

There is an entire family of cytokines called adipokines. These are made from adipocytes – fat cells. The greater the load of adipokines in the bloodstream, the more easily the body can go into cytokine storm.

Here is some really good news. It doesn’t take massive weight loss to lower your body’s load of adipokines. When weight loss is targeted to organ fat and visceral fat, even a few pounds can completely reset your inflammatory load.

If you are above your ideal size, now is the time to lower your risk. I think this goal is so important that I’m running a free event for the public to help lower the inflammation from adipose tissue.

Learn more about it here.

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